Friday, May 8, 2009

1 Month Old!

On the 6th, Callie turned 1 month old. This is actually supposed to be her due date! She is healthy and almost 6 pounds. I know that sounds like nothing to most, but she was 5lbs 9oz when she was born and had dropped down to 5lbs even after birth. She is super healthy and is so much fun. We love spending time with her and introducing her to our friends and family and her new friends. I can't wait unitl she gets to meet her cousins, but everyone is so busy it is hard to find time for all of us to get together and without someone getting pregnant.....I can't wait for the things to come and Sean and I could not be happier. We love being parents and love that we have so many friends and family that are all experiencing it at the same time. We are lucky for Callie to have so many friends already!

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