Saturday, February 28, 2009

30 Weeks And counting....

So we are almost 31 weeks and I am definitely starting to count down the days and get antsy. I am having some serious swelling problems and poor Sean has taken on all of my tasks around the house on top of all of the work he does aroung here! Poor guy! He is a trooper though. We started going to the doctors every two weeks now and I really hope that last few weeks go by quickly.
My parents come home in a month! I am so excited and so are our dogs! They love my dad! He treats them better than anyone.
My cousins got to go to Italy and visit my parents this past week and it was so fun to talk to them while they were with my parents and see what they thought about all the cool things we have already seen. I hope they had a blast!
The countdown has definetely begun for me! Our friends just had their twins and it makes me even more excited! They came a little early, but everyone is doing well! I try to say a little prayer for them every day that maybe they will get to go home early. Congrats Matt and Carrie on your sweet Kinsey and Ethan!