Saturday, December 27, 2008

21 Weeks!

So I still need a little help with this and will recruit my cousins to make our page better! We had a party on December 13th and all of our friends and family came in town to help us find out what our baby was going to be. We had a fantastic turnout and found out we were having a GIRL!!!! We were shocked! We really thought we were having a boy. It was so much fun having everyone here to help us learn this exciting news. We could not ask for anything more. My parents were on the TV on a webcam and got to talk to everyone and be part of the moment since they live in Italy. It was a blast! I think my friends were surprised to see how much fun a gender party could be! Our babies name will be Callie Michaele. Her middle name is after my grandma and think it will be so cool for her to have a name that has a history.
I will work on doing this more often and get some pictures up here. And to top of our news, one of my friends also found out she was having a precious girl too! Hopefully they will be friends and maybe even have the same birthdays!!!