Friday, March 20, 2009

Maternity Pictures

Sean and I got our pictures taken a few weeks ago. I was 31 weeks, almost 32, and the day before I went on bed rest! So lucky we got them done. I was really swollen and wasn't thrilled about that, but glad we did them anyways. I will just have pictures now to remind Callie what I went through before she was here! We are so excited!
My aunt, cousins, and their babies came in town to visit us this week and helped us get ready for Callie since she might come a little early. It was a blast and so glad they came. My aunt can always get more done in 1 1/2 days than I could in a week! With my mom being gone I needed her help desperately. She just takes over and makes the decisions for me.......We are completely organized, sterilized, stocked up, and ready for Callie to be here. Thank you girls!


cristin steger said...

had a blast!!!!!!!

Wilson said...

Love you and Callie can't wait to meet her!! I need you to call me soon!!