Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We are working on Callie's bedroom, I mean Sean is working on her bedroom. I can take credit for the ladybug walls, but that's about it. He does all the work around here. I am loving the way it is turning out. He is in the process of putting up some chair molding now, but hasn't finished. My mom got her all of her bedding and accessories for her room and keeps buying her more! She just keeps on shopping, in Italy! Callie is going to have her own special things for her room from Italy, including some ladybugs from Gepetto's Work Shop! We are getting really excited. Sean has been really busy doing crazy things, like retiling the pool and working on the house and the baby room. I don't like for him to have too much free time.......I think I might owe him a really big present after all of this work.
My cousin Alison finds out what her second baby will be on February 6th! We can't wait. I hope we can make it there for the party.
My parents are moving back to the states at the end of March and we can't wait for them to be home. It is really different when your parents live a days worth of flights away. I am excited for them to be home and be able to be here for Callie to arrive. Oh, and they are lots of help, atleast my dad is with the dogs, cooking, and cleaning! We will always need him for that!