Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sean and His Projects.....

Sean has been working on some interesting projects around the house the past few months. We were lucky enough to have a slab leak that left some large holes in our laundry room and kitchen. My dad convinced him that it was a good idea to have somebody do the kitchen repairs, so those are done, but Sean is still in the process of his other projects. He is redoing the laundry room and I think it is going to turn out really neat. He decided that once there were a bunch of holes in it, a little makeover wouldn't hurt.
The other project he has been working on is the pool. He is patching the plaster and coating the pool, which isn't interesting, but he also gave the pool a makeover. He chipped out the old tile and put in a new border in the pool. It was a crazy thing to do, but it looks great! Hopefully he will be done soon so we can hang out on the weekends instead of him working!
Other than the chaos he has going on in the house, things are pretty quiet lately.
My cousin Cristin and her husband and Reese are coming in town next week and we can't wait to see them. Hopefully the weather is nice when they are here!

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